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    Change your life and the lives of others!

    Do you love your job?

    Do you have enough time?

    Are finances ever a source of stress?

    Are you looking for more freedom in your life so you can do what you love?



    We are currently selecting highly driven, coachable life changers who want to help people, make a difference every day, and build a home-based business that pays them for years to come.


    We have one of the fastest growing direct selling teams and if you decide we are a fit for you, we will ensure that you will receive world class support and training. Too often people shy away from our profession because they sign up and then the products don't live up to their expectations or they are not properly trained. If you decide to build an essential oil/wellness business, you deserve to have leaders who are experienced and have a track record of success building one too!


    If you will put in the time we promise that the only way you fail is if you give up on yourself. The products are amazing and the systems work...if you do. If you are a hard worker, are coachable, and can learn our proven systems, then you will succeed.



    Why work with us?


    • We joined doTERRA at the beginning so we know the ropes, know the owners, and have the relationships and system to help shave years off of the time it normally takes to build a direct selling business.
    • We have a passion for helping people become healthy as well as financially, spiritually and emotionally free. It's not about us. It's about you and your success.
    • We believe that people deserve to use their gifts and talents to change the world and we will tap into your strengths and purpose to help you reach your dreams.
    • Neal wrote the book (literally) on how to sell Essential Oils and other health products! Over 20,000 doTERRA Wellness Advocates have read this book to help them build their businesses!


    What does it take to do well?


    1. Be coachable

    2. Be willing to change

    3. Work Hard

    4. Be willing to find a way

    5. Study hard

    6. Follow the proven simple system

    7. Have a heart of SERVICE and have fun!


    What will I get if I join your team?


    1. Access to our business model, proprietary training materials, and personal coaching with professional business and leadership coaches, Neal and Erin Anderson. Neal and Erin have personally coached hundreds of top business leaders across the US (including doTERRA Presidential Diamonds), and trained thousands of people in the direct selling industry. Neal wrote an Amazon Best Selling book on how to build doTERRA titled, Being the STARfish: 7 Steps to Sharing so People Want to Buy.


    2. Elite and Premier Retreats at one of several private lake houses.

    3. Access to a private training website and weekly coaching calls.


    4. Continuing product and essential oil education to help you live the doTERRA lifestyle.


    So many people are looking for a change. Are you looking to use your passions and talents every day? If so we would love to schedule a time to visit with you.


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